Rural tourism homestead "Agurkiškės" occupies area of 3.5 hectares. It is a perfect place for a quiet relaxation, as it is ideal for both family celebrations as well as for holding business seminars and conferences. The homestead is surrounded by the woods and is situated in Agurkiškės village of Kazlų Rūda Eldership, 35 kilometres away from Kaunas. It is a very cosy place for those, who prefer spending their time in nature and at the same time want to enjoy all the luxuries of the contemporary life.


The homestead territory is fenced. Guests are welcome all year round.

The homestead offers the following facilities:
- A guesthouse with a 150 m2 banqueting hall;
- 3 rest houses, offering a comfortable spacious accommodation and lodge for 6 persons each;
- 2 bathhouses;
- A safe car parking lot in the fenced territory of the homestead.


There is a 40-ares pond in the homestead.


Peaceful and well trained pets are welcome.


Important! The homestead is surrounded by the woods all around therefore we do not recommend launching fireworks and/or sky lanterns due to the high risk of fire.