The guests of the homestead are welcome to enrich their staying experience with:
- getting acquainted with the vicinities, gathering mushrooms or simply walking along the pathways in the woods (maps of the locality are available)
- bicycling;
- fishing;
- rowing a boat in the pond or water biking;
- grilling shashlik.


The locality is perfect for the professional and amateur cyclists and orienteers.


The recreation facilities:
- a basketball playground;
- a swing;
- a climbing complex for children;
- a boat;
- a water bike.


If you decide to rent a bathhouse, as an extra service we can offer you the service of a professional bathhouse attendant who is one of the best specialists in his field in Lithuania.

Generation after generation our ancestors were using the bathhouse to restore their health. The heat of the bathhouse was used to reduce the stress and fatigue of the body, suppress and heal the twinges. The massage of the bathing brushwood is known to strengthen the organism and restore its energy level. This ritual allows us to take over the old Lithuanian traditions which are based on the deep knowledge of the plant qualities.

The professional bathhouse attendant can help you to discover the joy of bathing, remind you and/or introduce you to the old bathing traditions, restore your energy and health with the help of the curative qualities of the plants used as bathing brushwoods.